Mindray Masimo Spo2 Adapter Cable 12pin

Mindray Masimo Spo2 Adapter Cable 12pin
Product Details
  1. Mindray PM6000 Spo2 Adapter Cable, (masimo module), 

  2. Connector Guid:Round 12p-DB9

  3. Suitable for Masimo probe 

● Cable length: 8 ft 

● Storage and transport environment: -5~+40℃; Operating temperature: 0~+40℃ 

● Biocompatibility: All patient contact materials are latex free and 

have been tested according to CE Approved

● The UPNMED  product range will assist you by standardizing your EXT- Cable 

& Adapter cable selection while providing very durable products compatible 

with the many leading manufacturers of patient monitor systems.

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