M-15 Oxygen Sensor Medical O2 Sensor

M-15 Oxygen Sensor Medical O2 Sensor
Product Details

M-15 oxygen sensor medical O2 sensor

Long life oxygen measurent cell with high signal stability at low cross interferences to anesthesia gases combined with superior linearity over the entire range.

Compatibility Oxygen sensor cells: Envitec OOM102-1, Teledyne R17MED

Envitec OxiQuant M
Ohio Medical (MSA) MiniOX 3000
Spacelabs 015-0285-00
Stephan Artec, Christina
Taema Alys, Clarys, YR010100
Teledyne TED AX300, MX300


Electrical Connector:3.5 mm mono jack
Measurement Range:0 to 100 Vol.% O2
Expected Operating Life:Less than 6 years at ambiant air
Output Signal:8 to 12 mV at dry ambiant air with a load of 600 Ohm
Response Time:Less than 12 sec
Operating Temperature:0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Recommended Load:10 kOhm
Shelf Life:Less than 6 months recommended
Warranty:12 months