DRAGER 6850645 O2 Sensor

DRAGER 6850645 O2 Sensor
Product Details

DRAGER 6850645 O2 sensor

Replacement Drager Babylog,Fabian,Cicero,PM8030,Evita,Oxydig, Anemone,Oxycom ,Incubator 8000,MO8 ST13, MAX11, Invivo Manitude,10-103-07, PT14A, Teledyne C13 C-61139, Hudson 5557(V14),VTI 101372,100352


Drager's years of experience in the field of sensors, and their high quality has even convinced NASA. Drager O2 sensors are electrochemical transducers used to measure O2 partial pressure. They operate on the principle of a galvanic cell.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range0-100%
Accuracy+/-2% of full scale
Signal output10-14mV
Linearity+/-2% of full scale
Response T9013 sec
Temp Coefficientcompensated
Shelf Life6 months
Humidity Non-condensing0-99% RH
Operating Temp0 to 40℃
Recommended storage0 to 25℃
Expected Life60 months
Warrangty18 months
Electrical Connectorgold plated slip rings

Oxygen sensors have the important task of measuring and monitoring the inspiratory and/or expiratory O2 concentration in anesthesia and respiratory devices. Oxygen sensors from Drager satisfy the highest national and international requirements. Furthermore, they have been extensively tested and fine-tuned for proper functional performance with Drager devices and systems.