Brown Color Philips Reusable NIBP Cuff

Product Details

Philips Reusable single tube Blood pressure cuff .

Product Parameter´╝łSpecification´╝ë:Use with Dual tube: GE-Marqutte,   Datex-Ohmeda   GE(Marqutte) with male quick-connect type connector, Dinama plus, XL,SX/XP,8100 series, Each GE corometrics;  Critikon; Datex-Ohmeda-with one male and one female quick connect type connector; CAS; New Welch-Allyn vital signs models-with threaded type Critikon style connector.

Single tube: HP,Datascope,Fukuda Denshi, Spacelabs, Criticare, Siemens, Mindray, Goldway and so on.

Original code: M1571A or 989803104141  infant

M1572A  or 989803104151  pediatric

M1573A or 989803104161 ,   M4554B small adult

M1574A or 989803104171  adult

M1575A or 989803104181 ,  M4558A  Large adult

M4579A   Thigh (brown)

All size of all Brown color NIBP cuff types:

Philips Infant Single NIBP cuff with Bladder,TPU42-54CM
Philips Large Adult NIBP cuff with Bladder,TPU34-43CM/35.5-46CM
Philips Adult NIBP cuff with Bladder,TPU27-35CM/25-35CM/23-33CM
Philips Small Adult NIBP cuff with Bladder,TPU20.5-28CM/17-25CM
Philips Child NIBP cuff with Bladder,TPU18-26CM/14-21.5CM/12-19CM
Philips Infant NIBP cuff with Bladder,TPU10-19CM/12-19CM
Philips Neonate NIBP cuff with Bladder,TPU10-15CM/8-13CM/6-11CM