Missed Diagnosis Of Electrocardiogram Right Can Not

1. the normal electrocardiogram recorded only one period of heart "moves", examined the most common

2. Holter monitoring day and night to track heart "moves", long recording time and can improve the flustered on the irregular heartbeat, especially a flustered heartbeat and detection rate of brief episodes of chest pain

3. exercise electrocardiogram during exercise or immediately after exercise, phenomena that can be observed there is no default blood, but generally the elderly or infirm do not recommend to do this inspection

ECG is a regular medical checkup, but when some patients to the hospital for an ECG tests are normal, but got home not long, gets a chest starts to panic. Thus, patients with suspected: ECG is not accurate?

In this regard, the expert warned that ECG is divided into several types. Only for individual selected for examination, to limit the chances of misdiagnosis.