Management And Maintenance Of EKG Machine

① display of cardiac electrophysiology, anatomical, metabolic and hemodynamic changes, and provide basic information about diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

② judgment type of arrhythmia.

③ with myocardial infarction may be premonitory symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, or fainting patient choice.

④ diagnosis of angina. When the attack of angina pectoris caused by coronary insufficiency, and ECG changes.

⑤ patients can show on the electrocardiogram of atrial ventricular hypertrophy.

⑥ help on myocardial disorders diagnosis of pericarditis.

⑦ help understand some drugs and electrolytes disorders and the effects of acid-base disturbance on myocardial.

⑧ ECG monitoring in critically ill patients. Because of the electrocardiogram is quantitative, accurate, simple, fast, reliable and economic advantages, so EKG equipment has become the basic configuration of the medical institutions at all levels.