Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor With Voice Function

Product Details

1.Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor  with voice function

2.Power supply: DC6V four aa Batteries Power adapter AC90-260V

3.Display:Digtital Liquid crystal display

4.Mesurement mode: Preesure: 20-280 blood pressure(2.7-37kPa) Pulse:40-160 times/min

5.Accuracy: Pressure:

15℃-25℃ with±3 blood pressure(±0.4kPa)

5℃-40℃ (do not include 15℃-25℃) with±6 blood pressure(±0.8kPa)  Pulse:with±5%

6.Normal working environment: temperature:5℃-40℃ Moisture:=85%

7.Store&transport environment: -20℃-55℃  Moisture:10%-93%

8.Operating air pressure:85Kpa-105kPa

9.Operate&store air pressure:50Kpa-105kPa

10.Measurable arm cirumference: about 20cm-34cm

11.Weight: about 530g(exclude batteries) 


13.Operation mode: Operate continually

14.Quick exhaust way:electronic discharge valve