GE Marquette IBP Adapter Cable

Product Details

GE- Edward IBP Cable ,11pin-6pin

Connector: 11Pin-6pin; Length:3.6m;

Compatible models: GE Solar,Dash,Eagle,Tram. 

• Durable cable for extended cable life 

• Secure connection to monitor 

• Use with Utah Pressure Transducers 

• Latex-free

We can offer GE to Abbott, Utah, Edward, BD ,HP/Bruan/Argon/MAXXIM, Medex,PVB/Simms,IBP Cable

OEM Code:

22339301 (B. Braun)

700077-001 (BD)

684102 (BD)

2021197-001 (Edwards)

896507021 (Edwards)

700075-001 (Medex Abbott)

42772-36 (Medex Abbott)

42772-04-36 (Medex Abbott)

42773-36 (Medex Abbott)

42773-04-36 (Medex Abbott)

42661-36 (Medex Abbott)

700078-001, 650-236 (Utah)